Tadpoolery Update and a Request!

On July 9, 2013, in News, by Bryan

Hey everyone,


So it’s been quite a while since we’ve done a show or even posted here on the site.  A lot has gone on since we took a hiatus from the show last year but we can save that for a future chat.

On the heels of an amazing Nerdtacular 2013, the time feels right to get this show going again. In order to do that, I’d really appreciate hearing feedback from all of you as to what you liked about the show and what you might want to change or be added. Listener feedback is really important and something we all treasure. Ultimately, it helps us create conten and put together a show you look forward to each week.  Please send all feedback or show ideas to tadpoolery@gmail.com.


Bryan aka Fuzzy


Tadpoolery Hiatus

On September 3, 2012, in News, by Bryan

Hi Everyone,

After speaking with Nick and Rob, we have decided to take the month of September off from recording new episodes in order to work on creating new, entertaining content for future episodes. We want to provide you with our best efforts and feel that the current format does not meant this goal.  We thank you for your continued support and ask for any feedback you would like to provide.


New Tadpoolery Feed!

On August 27, 2012, in News, by Bryan

Hey Everyone,

We have a new feed in iTunes and for all RSS users. It is tadpoolery.com/feed/podcast. If you are using iTunes but are unable to download our new episodes, make sure you delete your current Tadpoolery Subscription from your Podcast section of iTunes and resubscribe. This will give you all the new (and past) episodes of the show.  If you are having difficulty with this change, please e-mail Fuzzy at tadpoolery @ gmail dot com.


Episode 36: That Jacob Guy..with Jacob Barron!

On August 23, 2012, in News, by Bryan

This week, Jacob Barron, (JakeWesley from the Tadpool) is our special guest! Jacob tells us all about his parody “That Utah Guy”, which has recently aired on TMS. We also briefly talk about the Tadpool Fantasy Football league that Jacob created for the upcoming season.  All this and a Freudian slip on Tadpoolery!


James Bartholomeou (Iyagovos from the Tadpool), host of the Initiative Check Podcast, is our guest this week! James joins us (along with April Ness aka Viking Lass) live from Boston, the first stop on his Tadpool tour! James shares with us his experience being a camp counselor and the challenges of supervising a group of teenagers.  Rob introduces to Cat Faber and her song Quetico during NepoTUNEism and Nick tells us all about his plans to create his first cos-play costume.  All this and some British quacks on Tadpoolery!


This week, our special guest is none other than JJ Valentine (Caoboi from the Tadpool). J shares the story of how he became a fan of the Frogpants network, how he and his wife Renee met, and chats with us about his podcast “The Valentine Cast“.  Also this week, Blake Edlund calls in to premiere Classy San Diego‘s new song “Vacate”!



Episode 33: Robots are Sexy..with John Anealio!

On July 19, 2012, in News, by Bryan

This week, John Anealio, is our special guest! John is a musician, blogger, podcaster, and more. John opened for Paul and Storm at N12 and shares with us what that expierence was like for him. John also talks ot us about his podcast “The Functional Nerds” and the process he goes through when writing lyrics and music.  To find out more about John, visit johnanealio.com.


Episode 32 Haunted NerdHaus with JalenJade!

On July 13, 2012, in News, by Bryan

Jeff Peterson (JalenJade from the Tadpool) is our special guest this week! Jeff shares with us that he is a security guard at a local Haunted House, which leads to the guys revealing their own haunted house hi-jinx. During this weeks NepoTUNEism segment, Rob plays a track by Ship of Dreams, titled Ship of Dreams,  from their album Ship of Dreams. All this and some “wrasslin” on Tadpoolery!


Episode 31: N12 Recap!

On June 29, 2012, in News, by Bryan

Well, the Tadpoolery crew made it home safely from N12 and spend their time reminiscing about the past weeks Nerdtacular event(s). This week in place of NepoTUNEism, we hear two tracks from Paul & Storm.


Episode 30: NerdPoolery… with b4tankgirl!

On June 15, 2012, in News, by Bryan

This week, Nick is off playing “ssssooofffftttballl”, so our very own Trisha Thevenot (b4tankgirl) joins the show. No special guest this week, so Bryan, Rob, and Trisha talk up N12, British comedies, and more. James (iyagovos) calls in to share his story about his first trip to Wal-Mart and to tell us what he learned during his sexual harassment training. Zak Bryson (krispyfresh) also calls in to chat with the gang. All this and some inappropriate touching on Tadpoolery!